Custom Microsoft Access Development from Milwaukee to Chicago

Do you need a Microsoft Access programmer for your business software?  We specialize in custom Microsoft Access database applications for small and mid-sized businesses.  We design quality applications and follow up with great support.

You may have an existing system that you need supported, changed or redesigned.  We are very comfortable working with existing applications.  We will fix and enhance existing forms, queries and reports so that they meet your changing needs.  Do you have an idea or a basic layout of an application that you need help creating?  We´re excellent listeners and able to understand your business process.  We excel at translating client requirements into clear and well constructed Access forms and reports.

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Ongoing Microsoft Access Support and Training

Many clients rely on us for long-term application support and maintenance.  If you need help supporting your existing database, we can provide ongoing, outsourced, support.  We have tools that allow us to connect to your servers and desktops remotely to maintain your database and keep it running at maximum efficiency.  We also offer retainer and Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) in order to provide you with ongoing application enhancements according to your expanding needs.

Upgrades To Existing MS Access Applications

We can upgrade a database from Access 97 or earlier and bring it to Access 2010 standards, freshen the application by giving it a redesign, and add new features and reports to bring it up to the performance and reliability levels of your modern infrastructure.

Microsoft Access Database Proficiency

Business Services

 Net Promoter Score

 Marketing Databases

 Contact Management

 CRM / Customer Loyalty

 Data Quality / Validation

 Email automation / merging

 Web Site Integration (ASP / PHP)

 Mobile App Integration


 Excel Automation and Integration

 Outlook Email Integration

 Remote Access

 Performance Tuning

 Data Replication

 Custom Training

Business Application Logic

 Real-time Dashboard

 Charts / Graphs / Infographics

 Approval / Workflow

 Zip Code validation

 vCard import / export

 Change Auditing

 Bar Codes / QR Codes

 Google Maps

 Schedule and Automate

 Spell Checking


 Print Avery mailing labels

 XML import / export

 LibreOffice Base (OpenOffice)

 Custom Business Logic

Technical Services

 Microsoft Access upgrade from 2.0 thru 2010

 Upsize to SQL Server

 Split Database (Data from Forms)

 Password Recovery / Version Control

 Secure and Encrypt (Lock down object design and encrypt if needed)

 Multi-User Optimization (dynamic table attachments, pessimistic row locking, transaction commit/rollback)

 DOA / ADO / VBA Classes

 Microsoft Access Projects ADP / MDE

 Centralized Error Handling

Access Data pushed to Mobile App

Augment the power of your MS Access application by pushing your information to you own custom mobile app.  We can automatically push your data to your customer´s smartphone and tablets.  Reward your most loyal customers by making it easier for them to do business with you.  We publish apps for all major platforms, operating systems and marketplaces. An app made for an iPhone will scale for use on an iPad and can be run on an Android or a Blackberry.

micrsoft access data on an android

Access Social Media and Rich Email Marketing

Manage HTML email campaigns, instant messaging, customer service chat, opt-in e-zines, CD/DVD distribution and grass-root Internet venues such as Twitter, Craigslist, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Micrsoft Access HTML Email Marketing

Microsoft Access Database Architecture

 Database Normalization (Optimize primary / foreign keys, indexes and many-to-many relationships)

 Relational Integrity (Cascading Deletes and Updates)

 Master Data Management

 Pass-Through Queries (T-SQL stored procedures)

 Access Queries to T-SQL stored procedures (VBA Conversion)

 Microsoft Jet replication

Advanced MS Access Tools

 Microsoft Office Access Developer Extensions

 Access Conversion Toolkit

 Access Plug-in for Visual SourceSafe

 Upsizing Wizard (Convert an Access database to MS SQL Server)

 Visual Studio Tools for Office

 Database Spy

 MapForce ETL

 PowerCenter ETL

 FMS Total Access

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Visual Basic

Form, Report and Query design

 Easy to Use Forms

 Validate and format data entry

 Ad-Hoc Reports

 HTML Reports

 Acrobat PDF Reports

 Excel Reports / Pivot Tables

 Dynamic Query by Example Interface

Microsoft Access 2010

Points of Integration

 Quickbooks / Act!

 Facebook / LinkedIn

 USPS Zip codes

 UPS / FedEx Tracking

 Google / GMail


 Android / iOS / Blackberry

 MySQL / Oracle / Informatica


Microsoft Access

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